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Mark Bassingthwaite, P.Eng.
President and Founder

Meet Mark Bassingthwaite, the Founder and President of Resilient Consulting.  Mark is a proud graduate of the University of Guelph with a degree in Water Resources Engineering.  Prior to founding Resilient in June 2018, Mark worked in consulting engineering and non-profit sectors since graduating in 2002.  Mark became a licenced Professional Engineer in 2006 and a designated Consulting Engineer in 2018.

Mark is passionate about the natural environment and enjoys spending time outdoors, particularly with his family.  On a day-to-day basis at Resilient, you may find Mark completing engineering design and analysis, administering construction contracts or walking through wetlands and watercourses.  Mark’s professional interests include flood mitigation, infrastructure protection, and enhancement of watercourses, wetlands and other natural areas.


Why did you start Resilient?

“The consulting engineering industry has drifted to focus on growth and profit, with some firms becoming faceless invoicing machines.  I wanted to re-focus on delivery of projects that make a positive impact on our communities, infrastructure, and natural environment. By starting a new firm, we could build a team of committed and talented people who share a passion for quality engineering and client service while working on enjoyable projects.  Our vision is to offer high quality and responsive service to our clients.  We have maintained this vision by attracting and retaining the best people.  I’m very proud of our team and look forward to a bright future with Resilient.”

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